Seri Iskandar, Perak, Malaysia


Towards healthy lifestyle and quality education


The niche area of CISIR is on Neurotechnology for Brain Assessment and Intervention. In particular, HICOE CISIR focuses on (i) Mental States and (ii) Brain Pathway. For mental states, we explore how neurotechnology can help produce productive workforce as outlined by Rancangan Malaysia Kesebelas. For instance, we studied mental stress among oil and gas workers, and we developed new technique to assess functional deficits due to traumatic brain injury; for brain pathway, we investigate how neurotechnology can assist in delivering quality education. For instance, we evaluated how brain response to 2D and 3D multimedia materials to improve study learning and showed how one may assess the effectiveness of different course delivery approaches.

With our track record, we received funds from overseas, visiting researchers from countries like France, Japan, Singapore, India, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. We also have foreigner students having internship at our centre. In terms of return of investment, we achieved RM4.70 in return for every RM1 by Ministry of Education Malaysia.



The Centre for Intelligent Signal & Imaging Research (CISIR) is commited in developing human capital in neurotechnology through short courses, advanced degree program and consultancy services.

CISIR provides short courses ranging from fundamental to advance methods in EEG & FNIR analysis, machine learning, deep learning and internet of things (IoT). CISIR also provides service for EEG, FNIR and biomedical images analysis using current technology.

As established centre of excellence in neurotechnology for brain assessment and intervention, we establish a hub of national and international linkages to enhance academic and research impact, and sustainability of the centre.



Employment opportunity

Produces expertise in a new or specific area

Improving standard of living (workplace, academic, healthcare)

Offers assessment and intervention in addressing stress at work to achieve optimum performance

Helps to improve learning efficacy for autism children

Analyzes and makes interpretation of brain responses to improve personalised learning methods

Analyzes and helps to delay dementia symptoms towards senior citizens

Improving Safety (workplace and transportation sector)

Detects factors that cause accidents such as drowsiness, fatigue and distraction especially at workplace and transportion sector