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King Abdulaziz University Summer Training Program 2019

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Recently, we concluded the Summer Training Program for students from King Abdulaziz University (KAU), Saudi Arabia. The program stretched for 6 weeks in July-August 2019. A total of 18 students from KAU joined the summer training program at UTP.

The students were from Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering. The program was hosted by Center for Intelligent Signal & Imaging Research at UTP. The program in general comprised of technical and non-technical activities to meet the expected training outcomes during this period, the students were engaged in a number of research, academic and extra curricular activities. The students, under the supervision of a faculty member, were involved in Research Attachment with post-doc and PhD students, Engineering Team Project with UTP team members from different engineering disciplines and nationalities, LEGO Robotics Design Project, and also underwent specialized short courses. They were also exposed to Malaysian culture, language and lifestyle under the homestay program and their teamwork were challenged by teambuilding programs and sports.

The Summer Training activities included:

  • Research Attachment under UTP Supervisors
  • Engineering Team Project
  • LEGO Robotics Design Project
  • World Robotics Competition
  • 15 Short Courses (organized under CAPE)
  • IEEE RAS Research Colloquium
  • Team Building
  • Home Stay Program
  • Bahasa and Culture Class
  • Educational and Industrial Visits
  • Field Trips
  • Sports & KAU-UTP Friendly Football Match, etc

The training outcomes were continuously monitored by the evaluation panel comprising of Dr Mark Ovinis (ME, UTP), AP Dr Syed Saad Azhar Ali (EE, UTP), and Prof Dr Ubaid M AL-Saggaf (Supervisor, KAU). The panel was unanimous that the students were successfully able to demonstrate the expected training outcomes during the final presentation and report evaluation. The overall feedback from the students about the training program was highly positive and that they were able to explore their potential during their stay at UTP.

Watch KAU-UTP Summer Training Program 2019 video montage.

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