Seri Iskandar, Perak, Malaysia

Month: August 2019

Towards healthy lifestyle and quality education

President’s Annual Address 2019 – PETRONAS

20th March 2019 KL Convention Center Objective: Promoting CISIR as preferred Centre of Excellence (CoE) in neurotechnology for brain assessment and intervention. Outcome: Increase awareness on the stress coping mechanism among PETRONAS workers and demonstrate the used of biofeedback system for stress level quantification.

Research Attachment at Iqra University, Pakistan

5th -18th May 2019 Iqra University, Pakistan Objective: To cultivate UTP-Pakistan Outreach and to do research attachment at Iqra University Outcome: Joint-grant submission on stress related project to Hamdard University RC. Shared EEG expertise through short course and training.

Keynote Speaker at 1st International Conference on Machine Learning, Image Processing, Network Security and Data Sciences (MIND-2019)

3rd & 4th March 2019 NIT Kurukshetra, INDIA Objective: To give keynote speech at MIND-2019 and to nurture UTP-INDIA outreach. Outcome: Shared the expertise in machine learning and advanced image processing.

Keynote Speaker at 2nd International Conference on Computing and Information Systems (ICCIS19)

28th Feb – 1st March 2019 Loyola-Icam College of Engineering and Technology, Nungambakkam, Chennai, INDIA Objective: To give keynote speech at ICCIS19 and to nurture UTP-INDIA outreach. Outcome: Shared the expertise in machine learning.

Research Attachment from National Tsing Hua University (Taiwan)

Jan – March 2019 Objective: Data collection for experiment entitled “Using Independent Component Analysis Algorithm to Evaluate Activated Brain Regions in Updating Task by Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Outcome:  10 subject’s data collected. Nurture collaboration activities by sharing facilities.

Research attachment at Hitachi, Japan

3rd June – 9th Aug 2019 Objective: Study on the elimination of scalp contribution from optical topography signals. Outcome: To develop a real-time scalp elimination algorithm using short-distance optodes and independent component analysis.

Visit to National Poison Centre (PRN), USM

31st January 2019 Objective: To gain better understanding on the research work at PRN and explore collaborative research opportunity with PRN. Outcome: Joint proposal to TRGS on how to improve medication adherence using IoT and data analytics  

Visit to National Child Development Research Centre (NCDRC), UPSI

22nd January 2019, Tanjung Malim Objective: To gain better understanding on child development program especially for Autism kids and looking for collaborative research opportunities. Outcome: 2 potential collaborative projects on autism and mental stress has been proposed. Participants:  1.     AP Dr M Zuki Yusoff 2.     AP Dr Nidal Kamel Selman 3.     AP Dr Syed Saad…
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