As part of the collaboration with CISIR, Chief Researcher of Hitachi, Dr. Akihiko Kandori visited CISIR as well as giving a seminar on "Measurement Device and Evaluation of Finger Taping Movements using Magnetic Sensors". The seminar is about proposing a quantitative measurement device and evaluation method of finger taping movements for diagnosis support and assessment of motor function.

The movement measurement method is to use a magnetic sensor with two coils, in which the coil voltage induced by the electromagnetic induction law changes depending on the distance between the two coils. This enables estimation of the distance between two-coil bearing fingertips from the voltage measured by the nonlinear modelling relationships between the voltages and the distances. The finger movement data are evaluated by computing 44 parameters such as the finger taping interval. The method is applied in the Parkinson's diseases and also Dementia.

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