20-21th August 2017

Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, Kuala Lumpur



Partner with international stakeholders to promote and prioritize neuroinformatics at global, national and local levels.

Advance data reuse and reproducibility in brain research through the development of global standard, best practices, tools and infrastructure.

Catalyse community-driven collaborative brain research projects by engaging scientific, clinical, technical, industry and funding partners.


Organized by:

INCF and Centre for Intelligent Signal & Imaging Research (CISIR) 


Sponsors by:

F1000 Research Open for Science, GIGA Science, Translational Neuroscience, Scientific Data, G-Node, CISIR, Neural Development, Molecular Brain, H & A Medical Supply



Satrajit Ghosch, MIT, Harvard Medical School, “Variance is the spice of reproducible research”

Kristin Branson , Howard Hughes Medical Institute Janelia Farm, “Mapping the neural substrates of behavior using computer vision”    

Alex Fornito , Monash University, “The upside and downside of being highly connected in the brain”

Chris Gorgolewski, Standford University, “Towards open and reproducible neuroscience in the age of big data “

Viren Jain, Google, “Automated reconstruction of synaptic-resolution neural wiring diagrams using very large-scale computation and machine learning”

Lydia Ng , Allen Institute for Brain Sciences, United States, “Delivery open data, tools and knowledge on a timeline”

Susanne Sansone , University of Oxford, “FAIR digital research assets: beyond the acronym”

Angus Silver, University College London, “Open source tools and resources for collaborative modeling of brain function”

Angela Laird, Florida International University, “Convergent large-scale co-activation patterns”

Randy McIntosh, University of Toronto, “Bridging Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience with Large-Scale Computational Modeling”

Jessica Turner, Georgia State University

Maryann Martone, University of California



INCF Congress provided a platform to establish active research partnership and collaboration with world-renowned research institutions and centres. This is an exciting opportunity to promote CISIR as well as UTP to world scientific community.

CISIR researchers and students also gained experience in organising the big international event and have the opportunity to start networking with the top researchers in the world. During the poster exhibition session, the students had the opportunity to exchange ideas and get feedback from the top researchers on their research work.


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