Monthly Seminar 2016 Series was pleased to have Assoc.Prof.Dr. Chee Piau Wong from Monash University as the speaker on 29 March 2016. Dr. Chee Piau Wong is a Consultant Paediatrician and Child Neurologist with special interests in Paediatric Epilepsy and Paediatric Neurodisability. He is a member of the Monash University Human Research Ethics Committee and Malaysia Qualification Agency and the Malaysia Paediatric Neurology Credentialing Committee.

The topic for the seminar was "Medicine - a peep into the future" which was an enlightenment on how the Big Data based Healthcare Ecosystems is planned for the future. The current emphasis on Malaysia Healthcare systems is still on the remedial basis which lead to problems arise such as: the expenditure, the systems itself in which private insurance is generally the backbone the support to finance the cost, lack of the accessibility and availability of the expert in some places in Malaysia. Beside that the medical information is also scattered in the whole country as well as the lack of Information Technology to support an ideal healthcare systems.

The future healthcare system is designed to shift the remedial basis into wellness and preventive basis which helps to ease the expenditure in general and provide more access and availability of the healthcare system. In order to achieve the goal, telemedicine or telehealth should be increased prominently as well as a change from paper based data  into the "digitization" of the medical information (patient data). Having the digitization of lifetime health record may helps the telemedicine group shaping and providing a better healthcare systems to the whole nation.




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